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      About us
      Brand Culture
      Brand Culture

      Jemincare culture

      Mission: Relieving the people honest to the world The existence value of Jemincare is takes benefiting actions for people by the heart of relieving the world; takes integrity as morality and benefiting the world.

      Inscribed values: objectivity, transformation, integration, struggle Objectivity: In order to bulid up the cooperation:Objective rationality, Sincere and trustworthy, reverent attention paid to work firstly, taking responsibility bravely.
      Transformation:In order to take advantage of situation:Embracing changes, keeping up with the times, Innovation and exploration, break through the old rules.
      Integration: In order to reenergize: Respecting differences, based on the overall situation, open and inclusion, cooperation and win-win.
      Struggle: In order to promote the businesses: Planning for the long term, making preparation for danger in times of safety, pursuing the excellence, Keeping on making progress.

      Jemincare Brand interpretation

      With the development of 20 years, Jemincare has became the one of China leading pharmaceuticals companies.

      Today, our vision become more internationalized and spare efforts to integrate global resources and top technology, which can provide patiens with high-quality drugs and innovate pharmaceutical solutions.

      In order to adapt to the international environment fastly and participate in global cooperation and confliction, we take a new English trademark: Jemincare. Jemin is our name,care means consolation,which represents us to deliver the mission of “Relieving the people and honest to the world”.

      The inspiration of mark design from innovation and exploration. It takes oval as the design structure and applys the shape of pill to show the pharmaceutical nature of Jemincare.

      The new logo is like running time and space.Deep blue one means technology and research and development, blue-green one symbolizes health and life, bipolares surround each other, respond to each other and cycle together to make progresses, which represents our unremitting exploration of enterprising spirit in the field of medicine, and the brand characteristics of seeking breakthrough continually through intelligent research and development.

      We believe that Jemincare can go to the world and become the top pharmaceutical brand trusted by patients around the world with solid efforts and foresight.

      Core product brand

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