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      Group Profile
      Relieving the people Honest to the world

      The existence value of Jemincare is takes benefiting actions for people by the heart of relieving the world; takes integrity as morality and benefiting the world.

      Jiangxi Jemincare Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999. Its pharmaceutical history can be traced back to the 1950s with 12,000 employees. Its headquarters is located in Nanchang, China. It has many industrial platforms and R&D institutes in Jiangxi, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In 2017, the group’s revenue exceeded 23.7 billion yuan, ranked the sixth in the top 100 of Chinese pharmacy industry and the tenth in the top 100 of Chinese medical industry.

      In according to innovation-driven strategies, Jemincare focus on R&D, production and market of modern Chinese medicine, biological agents, health care products. It also has seven pharmaceutical bases, an international postdoctoral workstation, a CNAS certified national laboratory, five provincial engineering and technical centers and set up a new drug research and development team abroad. The core products are "Jinshuibao", "Xingnaojing", "Kanglaite", "Sineng", "Lixin", "Huang's Xiangsheng Pills", "Jiuhua Hemorrhoids Suppository", which has got high market shares of national subdivision category.

      Jemincare always adhering to the corporate mission of "Relieving the people, honest to the world " and devoting himself to the public welfare. Its various charitable donations totaled 317 million yuan. Looking forward to the future, Jemincare will continues to provide reliable medical products and services to improve the health level and life quality of human.

      Group information

      Appearance of Jemincare group in summit meeting attracted worldwide attention2018-06-25

      Jemincare Group donated 500,000 yuan for the assistance in Tianjin Explosion Accident2018-02-24

      Jemincare Group donated 6 million to help urban construction in Yichun City2018-02-24

      The insurance brokerage company license was successfully approved2018-02-24

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