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      Human Resources
      Staff Care

      Year-end party

      The annual Jemincare family reunion is held at the end of each year.

      Birthday party

      Every employee's birthday is the anniversary of Jemincare.

      Group activities

      Organize sports and fun sports, pay attention to employee health and enrich life.

      Culture activities

      Give yourself a stage, sing your own and team's wonderful.

      Emotional friendship

      Provide young people with opportunities for love and emotional communication.

      Festival interaction

      In addition to holiday benefits, through a variety of interaction, the blessing is passed to the staff members.

      Activity expansion

      In fighting games, inspire courage and conviction and feel happy.

      Book borrowing

      Knowledge is used to enhance self, and work time can also find inspiration.

      Team activities fund

      The group has set up a group foundation fund for every employee, and the team has independent activities.
      Staff Care

      We Meet in Hailing Island——An Excellent Team-building For the development of vision, growth experience, melting team, cultivate teamwork spirit, enhance team cohesion, centripetal force, Combat effectiveness, and create a positive corporate culture atmosphere, effectively inspire the full integration of enterprises, integration team, with a better mental outlook and practical action to cherish posts, 2018-5-31
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      Team Building Activities in Yichun Pharmaceutical Group ——Yichun pharmaceutical group held a "team integration, Thanksgiving platform, create value" team building activities. 2017-9-3
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      Team Building Activities in Jemincare Group Team building activities in Jemincare group 2017-8-3
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