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      Human Resources
      Talent Concept
      Talent Concept
      We know thatThe future of the enterprise depends on the co-creation of each employee.
      The value of the enterprise depends on the effort of each employee.
      We are willing toTo provide continuous growth and development opportunities for every employee;
      Face the problem together, develop greater potential and seek more possibilities.
      We hopeThe company and every employee become family;
      Trust each other and take pride in each other.
      To gather talent by industry, rely on talent to do business, only the virtuous is to do, both integrity and talent are we need

      Jimin trust group has always adhered to the people-oriented concept of "gathering talents, relying on talents, doing things on merit and having integrity and ability", and adopted the principle of "retaining talents bycareer, treatment, emotion and mechanism", and adopted the talent mechanism of bold foresight to gather talents from all walks of life and create a century of great achievements. The enterprise has introduced a group of middle and senior management and professional technical personnel with good comprehensive quality and high professional level, cultivated a group of middle and senior management team that recognizes the enterprise and takes developing the enterprise as its own responsibility, and has laid a solid human capital for the group's management promotion and development. At present, the group has a total of 12,000 employees, 70% of which are graduated from universities or technical secondary schools, and more than 60% are managerial and professional technicians with intermediate or higher titles.

      The standard of choose and employ persons
      It is a reliable way to gather talents for the benefit of the people.
      Relying on the talent to do business is a trusted talent attitude of the people.

      Learn from the best.Morality and ability Jemincare criteria for selecting employees.

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