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      Social Responsibility
      Care & Responsibility
      Care & Responsibility
      Strict quality control for drug safety
      Protect the environment with green development
      Help the needed by making charity
      public-spirited With love
      Doctor-patient interaction and exercise responsibility
      Offer help to the county level hospitals
      We focus on drug safety

      We pay close attention to patients' drug safety, attach great importance to the continuous improvement of quality control level, and strive to become an industry standard for quality control, so as to make sure that high-quality drugs will benefit all of the patients and help to improve Chinese healthy standard.

      All the pharmaceutical bases of the company have established the quality control process and traceability system in line with international standards. Through the back-and-forth cycle of PDCA, the drug quality has been continuously improved, and more than 70 provincial, regional and national QC achievements have been obtained and excellent social benefits have been created.
      Adhering to the concept of "green development"

      Adhering to the concept of "green development", Jemin has always dedicated to environmental protection and integrate the environmental sustainable development into the business. For many years, the pharmaceutical companies affiliated to Jemin have devoted themselves to energy conservation, cost reduction and environmental friendly in the drug manufacturing process, and thus promote the sustainable development of ecological civilization construction. ?

      Among them, the key product’s manufacture of Wu Xi Shanhe pharmaceutical co., LTD., Etimicin Sulfate bulk substance, has significantly reduced the emission of waste gas, waste water and waste residue through scientific and technological innovation, and the environmental pollution is close to zero. Jiangxi state pharmaceutical factory spent nearly 700 million yuan on overall relocation and reconstruction to restore the natural environment and harmonious ecology around the original site.

      In addition, the group has invested a large amount of money to build four organic planting bases for medicinal materials that meet the GAP standards, such as C. wenyujin, Coix Seed, etc., to avoid excessive digging and protect the green hills and clear water.
      Today, charity care has become one of the core genes of corporate culture of Jemincare

      Today, charity care has become one of the core genes of corporate culture of Jemincare

      Jemincare had donated money and supply to help the victims pull through at the first time when the disaster happened : KiuKiang earthquake in 2005, Jiangxi snow and ice disaster in 2008, Wenchuan Earthquake in May 12th, "7.23" Yongwen railway accident, Tianjin Binhai New Area’s dangerous goods warehouse explosion and other major catastrophic events.

      By the end of 2017, the company's charitable donations have reached 317 million yuan, and it has won the "China charity outstanding contribution award" of China charity federation.
      Jemincare enthusiastic about social welfare

      We enthusiastic about social welfare, organize the volunteer service and encourage our staff to participate in it by means of offering their compassion, helping vulnerable groups and together to promote the harmonious development of society, support the Hope Project, help to improve the happiness of the people who live in the stricken regions, and play an important part in new rural construction of old revolutionary base areas of Jiangxi province.
      We focus on communication and experience between doctor and patient.

      Supporting doctors' treatment and helping patients regain health is the direction of our unremitting efforts.

      Providing doctors with reliable treatment tools, patients with reliable medicines, and impoverished patients as well as their families with hope, this is the "responsibility" that Jemincare constantly deliver.

      We believe that only through truly positive interactions and deep understanding about the doctor’s diagnosis need and the patients’ s practical need can we provide higher quality medicines and fulfill the responsibilities of the enterprise.
      Offer help to the county level hospitals

      Over the years, Jemincare take "Benefit the whole public, treat people with good faith" as the enterprise’s mission, not only provides the patients with high quality and reliable drugs through innovative research and development, but also always focus on the process of county level health care reform in China, actively participate in social management and public welfare and help many county hospital to improve their medical service ability.

      Due to our outstanding contribution in this field, we were awarded "Social Enterprise Who Support the County Level Hospital’s Medicare Improvement " in the "Model Power of County Level Medicare" series selection in 2018.
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