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      Advanced pharmaceutical
      R&D Center
      R&D Center
      To meet the needs of patients, Jemincare has established a global research and development system covering the whole process of basic research, pre-clinical study, clinical study and registration of new drugs through independent innovation and international cooperation.

      Jemincare Research Institute consists of five research and development departments located in China, including Innovative Drug, Innovative Chinese Medicine, Generic Drug, Innovative Technology, Clinical Medical Research and one Overseas Research and Development Center. Specialized office has been set up in New Jersey and Australia to carry out international research and technology cooperation.

      R&D Team

      Jemincare has established efficient research and development team, pursuing distinguished scientific innovation and continuously increased R&D investment, improving the talent incentive mechanism. Jemincare research institute has 388 research and development staffs right now. By the end of 2021, with the team would reach 800 staffs, Jemincare research institute would have the world-class innovative capabilities for drug development.

      In 2019, the budget for Jemincare research institute reached 650 million RMB. In the next 8 years, Jemincare will also invest nearly 5.5 billion RMB in new drug research and development.
      Research projectNew drug research and development requires long-term vision and long-lasting persistence. At present, there are 39 novelty drug research projects in Jemincare Group, including 10 innovative drugs, 22 generic drugs, 3 traditional Chinese medicines, and 4 in-licensed Projects from outside of China, focus on the disease fields of Oncology, Cardio-cerebrovascular, nephropathy and so on.

      34Research project

      7Innovative medicine


      3Chinese medicine

      4Imported Projects

      Project debriefingUp to now, there are 25 projects have been in the clinical application phase of preclinical research, 7 projects have entered the clinical trial phase, and 2 projects have been obtained new drug approvals for sale.

      25Preclinical Research Application

      7Clinical experiment

      2Obtained New Drug Approvals for Sale

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